The Project

IMO CARES was launched in 2023 to help Small Island Developing States (SIDS) and Least Developed Countries (LDCs) to identify suitable market ready technology solutions that will help improve the efficiency of selected vessels and / or ports, reduce operational costs and GHG emissions.

The IMO CARES project aims to advance global efforts in reducing shipping emissions by promoting technology focused partnerships, demonstration of technologies and knowledge sharing between the global north and south.

By facilitating collaboration among stakeholders, IMO CARES seeks to accelerate the adoption of energy-efficient technologies, fostering a greener and more sustainable maritime industry.​

Our Objectives


specific maritime decarbonization challenges in developing countries.


the identification and demonstration of green technologies.


green technology solutions.

Our Activities

The Global Challenge

A competition inviting technology providers worldwide to submit their green solutions for ports and domestic vessels in developing regions.

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CARES Connects

A programme of networking events designed to directly link technology companies with potential donors and recipient countries in developing regions.

Technology Report

Annual report on maritime technologies’ application, effectiveness and opportunities in developing regions.

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