IMO CARES Technology Report

IMO CARES Technology Report

November 17, 2023

The IMO CARES Technology Report will shine a spotlight on domestic shipping in developing regions to identify what are the green technologies being applied, the effectiveness of these technologies and the potential for the future.

The report is intended to raise awareness on this issue and to act as a useful tool to inform technology providers, investors, donors, policy makers and the shipping industry.

The report will include:

  1. The role of domestic shipping in greenhouse gas emissions and an overview of domestic shipping sectors and vessel types in SIDS and LDCs.
  2. Overview of available technologies for improving efficiency and reducing maritime emissions, including wind, solar & battery, vessel performance enhancements, and alternative fuels.
  3. Case studies of countries to showcase current energy-efficient technologies in use.
  4. Discussion of challenges and opportunities for decarbonizing domestic shipping and ports in developing countries, including capacity building, financing, regulations, and policy development.
  5. Recommendations for catalyzing technology adoption and integrating energy-efficient solutions in SIDS and LDCs, with a focus on sustainability.