The Maritime Technology Global Challenge - Winners Announced

Welcome to the IMO CARES Maritime Technology Global Challenge!

We invited technology providers from across the globe to submit their decarbonization solutions geared toward ports and domestic vessels in Africa and/or the Caribbean.

The mission is clear: to expedite the adoption of green technology in developing countries, with a special focus on Small Island Developing States and Least Developed Countries.

Please kindly note the winners of the competition have been announced and the technical proposals are currently being worked on.

About The Challenge
Technical Details and Further Info
Timeline of the Challenge
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About The Challenge

After review of submissions, up to four winning technology providers will be chosen by an expert panel to receive funding to create bespoke technical proposals for the implementation of their solutions in specific African and/or Caribbean countries.

How the Challenge works

The challenge is open to companies and organizations worldwide which have market-ready decarbonization technology solutions suitable for use in ports and / or on ships of under 5,000 gt (such as inter-island vessels, port service vessels, and fishing vessels). While wind, solar, electric, and energy optimization technologies have already been identified as suitable, the challenge is technology neutral. We are open to all technology solutions which are in the competition scope and, encourage companies to tailor their entries to the specific needs of the countries where the solutions will be deployed.

The chosen technology providers will receive funding ranging from USD 15,000 to USD 30,000 USD to develop a comprehensive technical proposal. Additionally, funds of approximately USD 500,000 may be made available to implement the technical proposals for technology demonstrations in each participating country, under the IMO implemented Global MTCC Network (GMN) project, funded by the European Commission.

Timeline of the Challenge

July 2023

Online Global Challenge announcement to provide background information and valuable insights into the Challenge timeline, and entry criteria. The recording is available here.

Sept – Oct 2023

Conduct consultations with key stakeholders to identify suitable ships and/or ports for participation in the Global Challenge.

November 2023

Release of Technical details via the IMO CARES website.

Online Launch and Q&A event to address any queries from interested technology providers interested in participating.

Nov 2023 – Jan 2024

Website portal open for concept submissions from Wednesday 22nd November

The deadline for submitting applications for this challenge is 6pm (UK) on Sunday 7th January 2024. Any submissions after this date will not be assessed.  The winning applicants to be announced at the end of January.

Feb – April 2024

Selected winners receive funding and develop comprehensive proposals for the demonstration of their chosen technology in the beneficiary country or countries.

Contact Us

Please note we are no longer accepting submissions for the IMO CARES Maritime Technology Global Challenge. Should you have any further questions, please fill out the below form or please kindly send an email to

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Technical Details and Further Info

Technical Details

If you are interested to participate in the Global Challenge, a document outlining the submissions guidance and technical overview of the beneficiary countries can be found here

Online Introduction to the Challenge

An online introduction to the Challenge key components took place in July 2023, providing valuable insights into the Challenge timeline, and entry criteria. Representatives from the Maritime Technology Cooperation Centres (MTCCs) in Africa and the Caribbean shared information about decarbonization aspirations and challenges in these regions. The recording is available here.

Online Launch of the Challenge

The online launch of the Challenge took place in November 2023 and the event included a Q & A session to answer question from interested stakeholders. A recording of the online launch can be found here and copy of the presentation can be found here