CARES Connects

CARES Connects

September 27, 2023

In a decisive demonstration of the maritime industry’s commitment to sustainability, the recent CARES Connects event hosted by IMO CARES emerged as a important moment. The gathering, held in London on September 27, 2023, brought together a diverse array of stakeholders, cultivating a dynamic environment where the necessity of collaboration became the focal point.

The workshop and networking event were organized to facilitate meaningful discussions among key players in maritime decarbonisation. Technology providers, donors, representatives from developing countries in Africa and the Caribbean, and the Maritime Technologies Cooperation Centres (MTCCs) convened to address the pressing need to match the specific requirements of developing nations with viable solutions for domestic maritime emissions reduction.

The afternoon workshop, showcased numerous opportunities for the implementation of existing technologies to promote decarbonisation efforts in these regions. Attendees engaged in robust discussions, exploring the feasibility of various solutions and exchanging ideas on how to address the unique challenges faced by developing countries.

An essential aspect of CARES Connects was the informal networking sessions that not only facilitated relationship building but also paved the way for future collaborations. The event underscored the industry’s recognition that collaboration is the linchpin for progress.

For a more comprehensive overview of the key findings and insights from CARES Connects, you can access the detailed report here.